Featured Student Artist: Bailey Piechota


Bailey artI am a very recent graduate of high school and am currently enrolled as an incoming freshman at a local University in their Speech-Language Pathology program. I hope to receive a minor in art and to continue my current long-distance apprenticeship with Ani Art Academy. Art will always be an important part of my life and ultimately, I would like to become an art instructor in my spare time.

My ‘Of Serpents and Shadows’ piece which was selected as one of your Top Ten, was a product of nostalgia for the times when Nicole (my sister), Emily (my cousin), and I would hide out in my grandmother’s downstairs den and play all kinds of pretend. Usually it would involve books we read at the library Grandma would take us to and we would remake the stories our own ways with better endings (in our opinion). I was always a fan of one of the original art-num-865403225stories about Aladdin, and my piece ended up reflecting that same mysterious vibe which I used to get when Grandma would read the story to us before bed. Grandpa would always interrupt with a ridiculous made-up ending about bears or some other wild animal eating everyone which tended to break the suspense up a little (even though we knew the ending). So, I guess the real inspiration for my art lies with these people. Without them I would not have gotten invested in much of anything I am today. I draw for them.

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