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Featured Student Artist: Jillian Cai



Fourteen-year-old Jillian Cai studies art at Xiangbin Art Center in Illinois.  Her piece, “A Blush in the Blue“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for our Summer 2012 art contest.  This means that Jillian’s art was one of the ten best pieces submitted in her age category.

celebrating artsJillian has been taking art lessons for about three years, and in that time she has really grown to love it.  She is also part of a dance company and enjoys dancing in her spare time.

In reference to her painting, Jillian explains, “‘Blush in the Blue’ was originally going to be just another ordinary landscape. That is, as ordinary as any painting can get, but then I saw a beautiful picture of bright pink flamingos, with the cool blue lake in the background. I knew that I wanted to make this the main point of my painting. The flamingos became the blush of pink the blue of the lake and surroundings.”

Jillian’s future plans include having a job that is art-related.  In the mean time, she is going to continue learning so that she can hone her technique to create better pieces of art and continue to improve as an artist.

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Featured Student Artist: Cecelia Grant



Cecelia is in the ninth grade and takes private art classes in Pennsylvania.  Her art, “Celie’s World”, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Summer 2012 national art contest .  This contest is held for students in grades K-12 living in the United States and Canada.


Cecelia has always loved art.  She started taking art classes when she was six years old, but has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil.  “I always used to spend more time making sure the colors were right than painting the pictures,” Cecelia explains. “I created this piece at an art camp at my school over the summer of 2012. We cut the pieces for the collage out of magazines to find the right colors and textures for the pictures we were creating.  The idea for my piece evolved from the things that I love. I put old negatives to represent movies, I have sea shells hidden at the bottom of the hair for the shore, and you can even spot butterflies and the world along with many other trinkets in my portrait.”

Cecelia plans for the future include graduating from college and finding a nice job in an artistic career.

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Featured Student Artist: Anastasia Golyakova



Anastasia Golyakova is in 8th grade and attends Enterprise Middle School in Washington.  She moved from St. Petersburg, Russia to the United States when she was ten years old.  Her art, “Apples”, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2012 national art contest.  This contest is held for any student in grades K-12 living in the United States or Canada.  Out of hundreds of art pieces received, Anastasia’s art was chosen as one of the ten best in her age division.

AnastasiaThe idea to draw such an ordinary yet beautiful fruit as the apple seems to be very natural for a Washington resident where the apple is the official state fruit.  It is also Anastasia’s most favorite fruit to eat. Anastasia enjoys painting using any medium, but her most favorite technique by far is watercolor, which is what she used to create her “Apples” artwork.

In the future, Anastasia wants to pursue a career involving architecture or engineering to create not only two- but also three-dimensional art pieces.

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