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Featured Student Artist: Qinye Chen



Quinye has been studying art for many years. She has learned watercolor, oil painting, acrylic, pencil sketching, and charcoal drawing. Her painting, “Home“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Fall 2012 national art contest.

-1An 11th grader at Richmond Secondary School in British Columbia, Qinye enjoys exploring all kinds of media and is willing to try anything new.  One media she would love to try in the future is sculptures and 3D models.  In creating “Home”, Qinye tried to show a feeling of coming back home after a long journey.  The colors of the sunset show a sense of nostalgia and create a strong contrast with the color of the water.  She was also inspired by the Impressionists and their use of strong colors and small yet visible brush strokes.

“Art is a way for me to interact with the rest of the world.” Qinye says, “I wouldn’t imagine what my life would be like without art.”  Qinye is currently taking an IB art course in school and spends most of her spare time in art workshops/classes. In the future, she plans to go into the architecture or landscape architecture field.

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Featured Student Artist: Audrey Besse


art-num-961732810asAudrey was 11 years old when she created her art, “Baby Cougar Head“.  This painting was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2012 national art contest for the 4-6 grade category.

Audrey lives in Dallas, Texas and has been creating art with different mediums all of her life.  Her painting was inspired by her Aunt Linda, who is a wildlife artist.  “For three years prior to my painting, I had been doing some hard Paint-by-Number sets.” Audrey explains, “Then I wanted something more challenging.  So Aunt Linda offered to show me how to do the same steps but from a blank gesso board.  We chose a 6 x 6 board to do my baby cougar head.”

In the future, Audrey plans to become an art teacher or own an art studio with one of her best friends.

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Featured Student Artist: Alex Zhong


Alex Zhong Alex Zhong is a third grade student attending Camp Creek Elementary School in Georgia.  Once a week, Alex takes art lessons at Shijun Art Studio.  His art, “Magical Moment,” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Fall 2012 art contest.

“My inspiration for ‘Magical Moment’ came from a mixture of a movies and stories about mice stealing things and games. Since I love animals such as hamsters, mice, and dogs, I created a mouse using a unique way to get his food.” Alex explained, “My art teacher, Mrs. Shijun, has taught me a lot about art and drawing.”art-num-295887310


Alex’s favorite activities are soccer, chess, drawing, and reading.  He plays piano every day and, of course, he is gifted at art.  At age 5 he started in a drawing class, and at age 7 he won his first art contest.  In the future, Alex would like to be a vet, a video game designer, or an artist.

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