Featured Student Artist: Amanda Gargac


My name is Amanda Gargac and I am a Top Ten Winner for my painting “StorytellerAmanda Gargac art.jpg“.

I am 17 years old and just graduated from Cardinal Stritch High School in Oregon Ohio. I plan to further my education at The University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne Indiana in the fall. I will be majoring in animation and minoring in painting.

The piece I created is an acrylic painting of my grandfather. My Grandpa is one of my biggest inspirations and has always supported my art. Every time I see him he tells me stories for hours on end. These are stories about valuable life lessons, how he and my grandma raised 13 children, his childhood, and old jobs he completed. Most importantly, he tells me how to grow up and be a successful woman that he will always be proud of. Family means more to anything else I wanted to pay tribute who has not only done so much for me, but countless others. art-num-92276949He tells me so many stories to me so I thought I’d tell his to the world with this painting.

My goals for the future are to one day work for Pixar. This has been my dream since I was 8 years old and I am determined to get there. I also with to continue painting and inspiring others through my art work. I feel very strongly about portraying important messages in art to evoke change. In doing this, I have worked to combat issues such as mental health awareness and anti-bullying. A goal of mine would be to continue educating on these topics and make changes to help even just one person going through a terrible time.

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