CelebratingArt.com is devoted to the promotion of the arts, art appreciation and teaching. Our sister company, Creative Communication has worked with schools and teachers for over 15 years in promoting writing. Our company founders come from a family of artists and educators. We believe that school art programs are the largest motivator for young artists and that our contests and publications enhance your art program curriculum. CelebratingArt.com sponsors art contests and works with art teachers to create a permanent record of the best entries from school art programs. We are located in Logan, Utah (USA) and through Creative Communication are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Unlike a yearbook, our art book showcases student achievements and preserves more than just a photograph of classmates.

Entering our art contest and giving students the opportunity of being published…
Encourages students’ artistic talents
Increases the learning experience
Provides additional recognition
Preserves art in a professionally bound book
Gives artistic work a larger audience
Provides a permanent record for schools of their students’ achievements
Helps promote your art program
Builds self-esteem


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  1. This is an excellent way to give students a way to have their work published. It provides recognition with out any cost to the students. It puts their artwork in a published book for their achievements.

  2. I was wondering if you finish looking through the artworks and sent postcards informing the people whose artwork are going to be publish for summer 2015.

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