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Featured Student Artist: Stephanie Tian


SScreen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.48.50 PMtephanie is finishing her sophomore year at Lambert High School in Suwanee, Georgia. Last fall, Stephanie’s art “Gray Clouds on My Mind” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our national art contest. You can view her winning art below.

Stephanie loves art! She also dances, draws, and plays the flute. In school, she’s in the marching band, Key club, the ambassador program, Math Honors Society, HOSA, Science Olympiad, Beta club, and the high school’s Against Cancer Club. Outside of school, she attends the Sunny Fine Arts School and dances at the Atlanta Professional Dance Academy.

“I started drawing classes, dance, and piano at five years old, and now I’m fifteen.” Stephanie explains, “I love art so much because it has opened so many doors for me and given me so many experiences that I couldn’t have had without it. I enter competitions with my art, and I have won opportunities like going to special art exhibitions, scholarships to institutions, and even meeting congressman Rob Woodall and his secretaries. My dance team, Jasmine Flowers, auditioned for America’s Got Talent last summer, and we made it to the quarter finals. This was a huge, once in a lifetime, experience for me, and it was all because of dance.

“Being a Chinese-American, I have always been interested in the old hometown of my parents and grandparents. Every few years, we visit Xi’an, where my extended families currently reside. China is a beautiful country with an ancient, sacred culture, however industrialization has not done them well. The air there is so polluted that it is hard to see more than a few blocks away. The sky is permanently gray. So I was really inspired by this persistent problem that China has. I drew a man who is thoroughly upset by the ‘gray clouds.’ He is grayscale (in graphite) from the soot of the air, but also really sullen because of ‘the gray clouds on his mind.'”

In the future, Stephanie would really like to see her art in exhibitions so that everyone can see her work. She would like to inspire others or help others by expressing herself through her art. She will continue to enter competitions and other opportunities to share her ideas, and hopefully be able to take a career in medical illustration which would allow her to both share her art and help

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