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Featured Student Artist: Youna Jang


Today’s featured student artist is the incredibly talented Youna Jang.  Youna is a senior in high school and was a Top Ten Winner for the Fall 2011 Spring Art Contest.  She plans to go to a good art college that will lead her to be a graphic designer that gives positive messages to the world.  Youna explained to us what inspired her beautiful art piece, “My Grandmother.”

Image“Though I have always held a passion for art, I did not always feel as confident about taking it in as my future and career as I do now. Despite worries about the potential costs and risks, I could not give up on the idea because I was so sure that art was the only thing that could ever be mine and make my heart beat as it had. I felt a strong desire to create. My mind could not stop wandering and exploring idea after idea and my eyes could not stop searching for awe-inspiring works to learn from.

Thus, during my high school years, I decided to prove to myself that I was qualified to make art my career and extinguish any lasting doubts by participating in as many art competitions as I could. One of them was ‘Celebrating Art’. My art work, ‘My Grandmother’ was for my grandmother who gave me much love and supported me to be an artist while I was growing. She was big part of my life. In the art piece, I wrote about her love that she gave to her grandchildren. With her support, I could keep my dreams and hopImagees.”

One can see in Youna’s art the emotion she was able to show the world through her creation.  Youna went on to tell CelebratingArt her hopes and dreams for the future.

“I would like to be a designer. In particular, the graphic designer Jeseok Yi inspires me to pursue graphic design and Public Service Announcement work in particular. A good example of Yi’s work is a piece called, ‘For some, it’s Mt. Everest.’ Against the steps of the subway stairwell, an illustration of Mt. Everest is superimposed. At the bottom, it says, ‘For some, it’s Mt. Everest.’ Yi got this idea when passing by an old woman who was having a difficult time going up the stairs of a subway station. This work shows the way an artist can identify a problem and create a work that presents that problem to the greater public. By creating my own projects like this public service announcement, I want my art to shake the hearts of others as well as convey informative messages.

Even though my parents don’t have ability to support me financially, I’m not going to give up because I have clear dreams and goals for my future. With my talent and passion for art, I want to give people positive messages so that this world could be a better place.”

Thank you, Youna!  What an inspiration you are to others trying to achieve their dreams.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, we know you will go on to do great things with your incredible talent.

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Creative Communication (host of national poetry contests for students in grades K-12) and (host of national art contests for students in grades K-12) are hosting a national sweepstakes!

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Student Art Winner Profile: Erica G.


ImageOur student artist spotlight for this week is on 16 year old Erica G.  Erica was a Top Ten Winner with her art piece “Noble Dane” in our Fall 2011 Art Contest.

Erica is a junior at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.  Amazingly, she is a self-taught artist.  Her favorite things to draw are animals.  Erica tells us, “I’ve always had a passion for drawing…In the future I know I want to have a job that involves artistic creativity in which I can use my talent for digital drawing.”

One can see by her winning entry how incredibly talented Erica already is.  Good luck with your future endeavors, Erica.  We know you are going to be successful and hope to see more of your work in the future.


CelebratingArt is one arm of the contests that our company sponsors.  We also host writing contests. The power of using a contest to create a spark in the classroom is universal.  Today we share a story from Jennifer Selder, Miss Arizona and 3rd runner-up to Miss America.  She relates the power of our contests to influence a life.

“Fifth grade was no dImageoubt my favorite year in elementary school. My teacher gave us an hour every single day to work on our very own writing projects. During this time, I was able to grow tremendously in my foundation as a writer, and I attribute my love of poetry to that very class. I sent many hours learning the basics: the terms, the forms, the styles. Because of this, I was able to branch out later in life in use those skills to take my writing to a new level. You see, once you learn the basis of how to write creatively, it is so much easier to write in all other forms because you can allow them to take your own voice into account. I had a poem published by Creative Communication that year in 5th grade, and I will never forget how special and inspired it made me feel. I have since gone on to win numerous essay contests, many which earned me scholarship money for college, and I may have never believed in myself if it wasn’t for Creative Communication. And as Miss Arizona, I write pages and pages of creatively written updates for all of my followers. Now of course I still take time on my own to read, study, and write poetry. When you choose to be an active learner and writer, I think you will find, just as I did, that truly anything is possible.

With love,
Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona 2011, 3rd runner up to Miss America 2012″

The poem Jennifer entered in our contest, “Hawaiian Seas,” can be viewed below.

                                 Hawaiian Seas
Warm, turquoise, sea,
Rainbow fish, angelfish, carp, needlefish, even turtles
Glittery, colorful, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange
Hawaiian seas

A raging storm, ripping and clattering like a boiling pot of
Bubbling and churning water on a stove
Hawaiian seas

Still, motionless, a serene feeling everywhere, the world has stopped,
To gaze at this splendid view of the harmonious
Hawaiian seas

Rapidly pulling grains of course, powdery sand to
Its home beneath those waters that the sea urchins call home
Hawaiian seas

Gently buried deep within the glassy, cerulean
Hawaiian seas

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story with us.  Just as we helped shape your life with our contest, we know of the many lives you now touch as Miss AZ.  Rock on.

Contest That Changes Lives: Miss Arizona Speaks Out

What Is the Judging Criteria for Our Contest?


We have often been asked what makes a winning piece of art.  In passing this question off to our judges, one of our middle school art judges replied with the following.

“All submissions have an equal opportunity for fair judging.  Our purpose is to encourage budding artists by publishing a variety of stimulating art pieces.  Being published gives the artist the recognition and encouragement toward a lifetime of creativity.”

The judging criteria for art pieces submitted into the CelebratingArt contests include, but are not restricted to, the following:

— Age appropriate skills mastered in:

elements of design – line, texture, color, shape/form, value and space
principles of design –  repetition, balance, emphasis, contrast and unity
understanding and use of medium chosen

— What kind of statement does a piece make?  Was it thought provoking?  Did it tell a story?  Is there an emotional impact?

— We look for levels of creativity, originality, self-expression, craftsmanship, and skill.

One other important factor is the photo submitted. Here are some keys to remember when submitting your work.  Overall, only the top 25% of art entered is accepted to be published.

1.    Take the date and time off the camera
2.    Make sure it is in focus
3.    Make sure it is a high resolution photo
4.    Make sure it is a graphic file type such as a jpg or tif
5.    Don’t use lined paper
6.    Take the photo straight on and not at an angle
7.    Take off the flash
8.    Clean out any background
9.    Crop the photo
10. Make sure it is properly rotated.

Student Art Winner Profile: Joann Huang


If any of you have recently visited our Top Ten Winner page at, you know that we have some pretty incredible artists compete in our national contest.  One of these extremely talented artists is Joann Huang, who was chosen as a winner for the Fall 2011 Art Contest.

Joann Huang is a senior at John P Stevens High School.  Joann was selected as a Top Ten Winner for her art piece “Contemplation.” Joann tells us that this piece was originally inspired by apple peels.  “The woman’s skin resembles the apple peel and the snakeskin background represents her emotions and problems slowly slithering away into the air.”

What a beautiful piece, and a beautiful story that lies underneath it.  Thanks for sharing, Joann, and we wish you the best for your bright future!

The Arts Are Essential


Normally, a blog is the words of the blogger, but today, I wanted to share the words of the President of Cornell University.  You can read the full article here.

Image“As president of a large research university that received 33,000 applications for 3,050 places in the fall freshman class, I’m often asked by parents of students in high school, middle school — and even those in preschool — what their children should study in the K-12 years to increase their chances of admission to college. I dutifully affirm the conventional wisdom: Take the most challenging courses in core academic disciplines like English, languages, history, math, and science for the required number of years, participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer…

Then I put in a plea for taking time to explore the humanities and arts in all their varied dimensions — visual and performing, Western and non-Western, classical and avant-garde. Far from being mere adornments to educational development, easy to dismiss as nonessential in tight economic times, these disciplines nurture our creative instincts.”