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Featured Student Artist: Haylie Harris


Haylie-Harris-ArtEleven-year-old Haylie Harris is attending the 6th grade at New Albany Middle School in New Albany, Ohio. Her art, Gear Dog, was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2014 art contest held for student artists throughout the United States and Canada.

Haylie’s projects have won numerous awards as she continues to explore ways to express herself by learning new skills and ways of creating art.  She especially likes drawing, painting, and sculpting with clay.  Haylie attributes much of her success and creativity to her mom and art teachers, especially Mrs. Montague.  She created her award winning Gear Dog painting with acrylic paint using her recently learned technique of dry brushing.  She spent a considerable amount of time working on this painting by first drawing the 3 dimensional robot dog and then layering the paint with careful attention to detailed shading and highlights.

Last fall, Haylie was working on a drawing of a snow leopard that she entered into our Fall 2014 Celebrating Art contest. This art was also accepted for publication and Haylie will have this second art piece published in our national anthology.

Haylie plans to use her creativity and skills to be an architect or artist when she grows up.  When she is not working on art projects, she enjoys reading and kayaking, and started playing the viola with the orchestra last fall.

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Featured Student Artist: Hailey Kilian


imageHailey has been doing art projects since she was three years old. Her art, “Autumn Memories“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2014 national student art contest. At the time of publication, Hailey was a senior at Iroquois High School in New York.

Hailey participates in 4-H, plays piano, and runs all three seasons of track. “This piece was inspired by all of my fall memories such as apple picking and Halloween.” Hailey explains, “I typed onto a leaf with a typewriter, and positioned it in my back yard to take a picture and eventually turn it into colored pencil.”

Hailey is currently attending UB for BioMedical engineering, and hopes to minor in art.


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