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Featured Student Artist: Patricia Fuentes



Patricia Fuentes is a senior in the Visual Arts program at Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Maryland.  Her art, “Balance Tower“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Fall 2012 national art contest for students in grades K-12.  This means that Patricia’s art was once of the ten best submitted in her age division from the United States and Canada.

DSC01757During her four years at Carver Center for Arts and Technology, Patricia has experienced a variety of mediums of art from photography to painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Architecture has a big influence on Patricia’s artwork. “My favorite medium is sculpture because I am fascinated with ability to transition my ideas into a 3D form that people can walk around and appreciate from all angles.” Patricia states. “Since I plan on becoming an architect, a lot of my artwork is inspired by architecture and architects I look up to, such as Antoni Gaudi and Frank Gehry.”

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Featured Student Artist: Anisiya Grigoryan



Only in second grade, Anisiya has already received national recognition for her art.  “Cute Puppy” was selected as a Top Ten Winner out of thousands of art entries submitted from the United States and Canada.  Anisiya studies art at Blue Skies Studio and resides in Alberta, Canada.

AnisiyaAnisiya’s favorite subject is art.  She started painting when she was only six years old, and has a book with world-famous artwork that she enjoys going through.  “My older sister Svetlana is a talented artist, she has many wonderful paintings, which have inspired me to paint,” Anisiya explains.

In the future, Anisiya plans to paint more flowers, because she loves beautiful, colorful flowers.

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