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From the Editor: Thank You for the Gift of Art


Ralph Waldo Emerson was quoted as saying “Every artist was at first an amateur.”   No where is this statement proven more true than within the entries sent into our contest.  Having the full range of grades from kindergarten to high school, we receive art that covers the spectrum from a student’s first exposure to art, to students who have developed their talents over several years.  In addition, we also have the gifted artist.  A few years ago I commented to a teacher my thoughts about a student’s entry and how spectacular it was.  I was told that the piece was the first one the student had ever done.  I was amazed.  From beginning artists and to others who have developed art past the amateur stage, these stages occur at every grade.  There are beginning artists in high school who are finding their medium and ability, and then we sometimes come across extremely talented students in the lower grades who can compete at any level.

We love this art contest.  Judging each entry is like an unwrapped birthday present.  You open a file that shows an image and you either get another tie that matches the ten you got last year, or the image is something distinct and new that inspires you.  Good art makes the world a beautiful place.  In viewing our books, we hope you find the art we selected to be published enjoyable and inspirational.  Please accept this gift of viewing our Top Ten Winners and may the discovery of new art be a present to you.

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Featured Student Artist: Kelsey Morgan Chase Faucett


red_w00tWhen “Little Red” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national art contest, Morgan was in 9th grade attending an online school called South Carolina Connections Academy. Morgan has been published in our national anthology an incredible nine times. Not only that, but she has been selected as a Top Ten Winner on multiple occasions.

DSC_0022“My piece…is based on the children’s story Little Red Riding Hood which was one of my favorite stories.” Morgan explains, “I wanted to take this picture from a child-like position to that of a teenager.  The wolf is her cape because I wanted to imply that it was a product of her imagination.  I made the eyes of the wolf to show compassion and not anger to symbolized her winning the battle with her inner demons. I used the light color of the moon against the dark background to show hope.”

Morgan is hoping to go to an art college to learn more about the many different and unique paths in art, and later pursue one of those paths of art afterwards as a career.

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Featured Student Artist: Gina Marie Gruss


art-num-194764541asGina was 14 years old attending North Broward Preparatory School when her art was chosen as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national art contest. “It Began with a Burst” is the title of her winning piece. Art, swimming, student government, writing, and playing piano are some of Gina’s hobbies in her busy life.

“It Began with a Burst” was inspired by a friend’s question: “Can you draw me a parrot?”

ROA-130815-2FMLBlue-23233489“Being the Good Samaritan I was, I agreed.” Gina explains, “He showed me a picture of a parrot, and I used that as a basis for my picture. I had used a duo of sharpies and highlighters that were withering in my art closet, unloved and unused, and as time went on, I had started to develop a certain style with them. My own and unique style, in fact, had carried onto other pieces I’ve created – one of which is going into a restaurant in the Keys. It turned out that my friend’s request had turned into a giant, wonderful, and really colorful masterpiece, and I was more than proud of it. I still consider ‘It Began with a Burst’ one of my greatest accomplishments, but of course, I’m bringing out many other vibrant pieces.”

Gina’s goals for the future are to continue to bring out more of her colorful animals and to eventually create an entire gallery devoted to them – she hopes to share more of her art with the world. Another goal of hers is to help inspire other people, just as they do to her. “This is the part where I add a part to thank my amazing art teachers – they help inspire and make me better every day. Thank you, and you can find more of my work on my Instagram, @Ginamgruss_art!”

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Featured Student Artist: Portia C.


PortiaCelebrateArtPortia was studying art at Martin Fine Art Classes in California when she was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national art contest.  At the time, Portia was in second grade.  Her winning art is titled “Panda on the Go.”

art-num-813730681as“My inspiration for choosing a panda was from an older girl in my Martin Fine Art class in Encinitas.” Portia explains, “I like pandas because they are so cute and furry but I also know they are very special because they need our help to avoid extinction.”

Portia really enjoys her art class and hopes in the future she can learn new techniques and mediums. Her goal is to become a famous artist one day. Portia’s favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh because his work inspires her. She also likes math and studying classical ballet, Spanish, Mandarin, and playing the violin. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, swimming, and playing with her younger brother.

“I’m happy my art was chosen by Celebrating Art to publish in their book and that my ‘Panda On The Go’ also won first place for my age group at the San Diego County Fair. My most recent painting is of my violin. It took a long time to paint but I am really proud of the result.”

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