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Featured Student Artist: Kevin Shan


ImageWhen Kevin Shan was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Spring 2013 art contest, he was 9 years old. He is currently in 5th grade at Montecito Elementary School in British Columbia.

ImageKevin started painting when he was 5 years old.  He began drawing lessons because at the time he liked to draw pictures on the wall, bed sheet, floor of the garage, and nearly everywhere else.

When he first started lessons, Kevin’s teacher gave him some simple pictures to start with, but he would always give more details and add more of his own ideas to the pictures.

Kevin participated in “Children’s Creative Painting Awards and Exhibition” twice, and received an outstanding award. His art was also published in the newspaper “Global Chinese Press”, and was displayed in many places in Vancouver.

Kevin is continuing to study art with his teachers Li Feng and Jianjun An of New Primary Colours Art Studio.  He has been learning there for over four years.

Kevin loves painting and is very devoted to it.  He plans to continue learning and creating great pieces of art.  You can view his Top Ten piece, “Car” (shown above) by clicking here.  Congratulations Kevin!

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