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Featured Student Artist: Jayden Zhou


20180101_105906Jayden is a Top Ten Winner in our fall 2017 national art contest for his artwork “Deer and the Flower“.

This is Jayden Zhou. I am very happy to learn that my drawing was chose to be one of the top 10 winners.

I am seven years old and a 2nd grader from Archway Classical Academy in Chandler AZ. I chose to draw this picture “Deer and the Flower” because I like nature and animals. I love drawing, painting, crafting and art in general. I am not sure yet what I will be when I grow up. Maybe I will be a sculptor.

The picture of me is on top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, taken on New Year’s day 2018.



Featured Student Artist: Lipi Patel


Lipi PatelLipi is a Top Ten Winner in our fall 2017 national art contest for her artwork “Sunset“.

My name is Lipi Patel. I was born in Australia and moved to America at age of 4. I’m in 6th grade and I attend John Adams Middle School. I have great interest in the universe. Along with art, I play tennis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 6 years old. I started with art lessons when I was 7. I attend Studio 105 currently for art. I think of art as a relaxing and entertaining activity. I think art is here for us to find our “happy place.” Most of my art work is based off of scenery. I got inspiration for my art work, “Sunset” from my love of scenery. My current goal is to make a beautiful art masterpiece that I can sell to someone. I also want to get into Varsity tennis in high school. My biggest goal is to get a job at NASA to become an astronomer. All my life, I’ve always wanted a job at NASA. I want to continue with art because when I do art, that is where I find peace and relaxed from the inside. This is an opportunity that I don’t want to lose. I want to thank my art teacher, Sangeeta Bhagat. I was really happy when I saw that I was in the Top Ten.


Featured Student Artist: Meghana Basi


Celebrating Art!Meghana is a Top Ten Winner in our fall 2017 national art contest for her artwork “Motherhood“.

I’m Meghana Basi, an aspiring 14-yr old young artist, from the Walnut Hill School For The Arts in Natick MA. I believe if you do something you truly love from within, then it is the greatest thing you could ever accomplish. I’m doing exactly what ‘m supposed to do, for more than a decade, putting my heart and soul into my ARTS.

If someone asks me, what inspires me to create my arts, always my answer would be, it is ME, that inspires me! My art is incorporated and buried within me, enforcing my unique individuality. ‘Motherhood’ was one of my gift to all the mothers and kids of the YWCA Fina House. I’ve attempted to inspire and motivate those mothers through my painting. A child asked me a very delicate question, which lingers in my mind quite often. How do you get hope in life? “Always believe in yourself even when others don’t”, was my answer! I wish my painting “Motherhood”gives lot of hope and inspiration to each and every child and mother out there.

My goal is to inspire and touch this world through my paintings! I wish to give a lot of joy and contentment to the souls of my supporters and viewers through my surrealistic creations. I’m over the moon, to get picked again as a top ten winner! Thank you so much, Celebrating Art and Blick Art for your support! Thank you for inspiring me to spread love (art is my love) again! Please visit my portfolio to know more about me


Featured Teacher: Steve Schetski, AP Art Instructor, Savannah Arts Academy


I am the drawing instructor at Savannah Arts Academy and teach mainly 10th and 11th grade students who major in Visual Arts. My students have participated in every contest sponsored by for two years and received a Top Ten award with our very first submission. It’s fantastic to have a student from our school to receive another Top Ten award!

My Top Ten student, Audrey Phillips states, “Celebrating Art is always a fun competition to enter, it allows me to showcase my artwork and compete with other talented students. My piece, Electric Blue, focuses primarily on color. The colors work so well together because I used contrasting tones to accentuate the different planes of my model’s face ”. Her work symbolically reflects the brooding nature of her fellow classmate, with his hair swirling around like clouds and lighting appearing from the side of his face.

It is through good teaching strategies and practice that my students learn to become great artists. I motivate them by the simple phrase, “Just do it”. I also have a toy Yoda sitting near my desk as if to say, “Do or do not, there is no try”, which is to say to find your inner truth and trust your instincts. I also use my skills and knowledge of a practicing artist and the 28 years of teaching experience to guide my students through the process of art making. By getting my hands dirty every day with a “hands on” approach to teaching by demonstrations, informal critiques with works in progress, brainstorming ideas or concepts, and teaching the techniques and processes of using art materials instead of sitting back in my chair watching my students struggle. I am there as a mentor and my role as the art director to see the magic happen. Of course, creating a work of art is not really magical, it involves an understanding of art foundations skills, art aesthetics, composition, as well as blood, sweat, and tears.

My curriculum encourages and recognizes the value of meeting the standard of excellence by requiring all of my students to enter art competitions, for which they can also receive extra credit. They do not compete against each other to see who is the best, but rather allow the art experts to judge their work on its own merits. It’s all about improving their skills, producing quality art portfolios, receiving recognition, and for some, seeing a framed copy of their artwork hanging either in my classroom wall or outside in the “Hall of Fame.”

Steve Schetski
AP Art Instructor
Savannah Arts Academy

Audrey Phillips with her Top Ten Drawing, Electric Blue

Audrey Phillips with her Top Ten Drawing, Electric Blue


Detail of Yoda Still Life, Work in Progress

Detail of Yoda Still Life, Work in Progress


Hall of Fame, some of my AP Drawing students in the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame, some of my AP Drawing students in the Hall of Fame


Jordan Hanna_Skeleton Drawing1

Jordan Hanna – Skeleton Drawing

Samantha Hadwin, Yoda Still Life

Samantha Hadwin – Yoda Still Life


Students with some of their works to be added to next year's Hall of Fame

Students with some of their works to be added to next year’s Hall of Fame