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Featured Student Artist: Meghana Basi


basiMeghana Basi is spring art contest Top Ten Winner for her artwork “The Mask.”

Hello everyone,

I’m Meghana Basi, 15yrs old, going to the Walnut Hill School For The Arts in Natick MA. I’m a youthfully inspired artist, becoming a top ten winner for the third time, so this is my hat-trick win!! First of all, thank you Celebrating Art and Blick Art for motivating kids to believe in their talents to think beyond the horizons! At an early age of 3, I started exploring colors. By 8, I knew I can draw gracefully in bigger canvases expressing my dynamic SELF. In all these years, it’s an evolution of ‘ME’ and my ‘ART’ holding hands together through this journey!

My creation, “THE MASK” was inspired by today’s society around us, who lack the potential of understanding who they are or kept disregarding their identity. We are all wearing a MASK, and beneath that façade is our true self! Our authenticity is by being true to our SELF through our thoughts words and actions. Through this painting I want society to realize that our beauty lies in letting down the mask and being our true authentic SELF.

My goal is to incorporate my art into all sorts of diverse and complex possibilities and techniques that no one could ever imagine about. There is a vast sea through which I got to swim across to reach my destination. I’m a just a small fish in a gigantic ocean of colors! At the same time, I feel my art speaks more than my words, enlightening and touching this world and there is nothing really left to say. Again, thank you, Celebrating Art and Blick Art for giving me this ladder to climb up high!

Please visit my portfolio to know more about ME and my ART:



Featured Student Artist: Anjali Alishala


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.24.53 AMAnjali Alishala is a spring 2018 Top Ten Winner for her artwork “Music in the Sunset.

I am Anjali Alishala, with a creative mind towards art. As I am writing this statement, I am of age 14, and a rising 9th grader at Weddington High School. I’ve published my first painting at the age of 8, and improved myself in many ways throughout the years. I enjoy exploring different types of mediums (Graphite, 3D art, Charcoal, Pastels, Watercolors, Acrylics, Oils, Clay, Origami). My “Music in the Sunset” painting, was an inspiration from my love of art and music. Combining the two things that I loved most, was interesting and fun. I would like to explore more in the world of art. My goals for the future include working with paper quilling, improving my oil painting skills, and learning new techniques with graphite, in order to become a better artist.

Hope you enjoy my art, just as much as I enjoy making them!


Featured Student Artist: Wendi Li


Wendi is a Top Ten Winner from our spring 2018 art contest for her artwork “Dark Night“.

WendiHi, my name is Wendi Li. I’m nine years old, and everyone knows that I love art. My inspiration comes from a lot of places when it comes to my artwork. But what really inspired me to do “Dark Night” was because that people would notice the details of the painting and realize how beautiful our Earth is. Even though other people say that I am good at art, I like to push myself to be the best that I can be. I always attempt challenging pieces of artwork, and I will continue to do the same in the future. I hope more children like me will fall in love with art and just follow their dreams. Art to me isn’t just a piece of paper and a few paint brushes. It’s all about you and how you think about art. Do what you think is right and always use your imagination.