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ImageImageVivek Bharati is currently in 3rd grade and attends Faria A+ Elementary School in California.  His art, “Dolphin Undersea”, was selected as one of the ten best pieces of art submitted in his age category throughout the United States and Canada.  Vivek’s art teacher, Mr. Aramando (Young At Art art studio), has taught Vivek much about painting techniques and has helped him to excel in the arts.

Vivek’s painting was inspired by his love for animals.  “I like to create paintings with only one animal and with dark and bright colors. I like dolphins in particular because of their unique way of finding food by echolocation.”

Vivek wants to attend Stanford and be a Navy pilot when he grows up.  He also plans to continue painting and make squadron logos for airplanes.

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Featured Student Artist: Vivek Bharati


ImageAshley Lulo is a senior at Lake Travis High School in Texas.  Her art, “Tiger“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for our Spring 2012 national art contest.  This means that Ashley’s art was selected as one of the ten best out of thousands of entries submitted for her age division in the United States and Canada.

Image“Tiger” was inspired from Ashley’s love for animals, especially big cats.  “They are so majestic and beautiful. Their elegance and ferocity are very captivating me. The reason I chose this specific scene to depict is because of the expression on the tiger. She had such an intense expression and yet she was elegant and graceful and the water gave such a contrast to her.”

Ashely’s plans for the future include studying graphic design at Memphis College of Art and obtaining a Masters in teaching. She wants to teach art to either high school or middle school students. 

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Featured Student Artist: Ashley Lulo


ImageIt is a publisher’s nightmare.  For our our Fall 2011 Art books, we started getting calls that the pages were falling out.  In investigating, we found that it was a simple setting on the binding machine.  However, the result is we now have books that will not last.  We take pride in our work and so does our printer.   We want to create books and customers that will be with us for generations to come.

We are now re-printing all of the Fall 2011 Art books and will reship a new book in about three weeks.  I am proud that we have a printer that stands behind his work, and I want to let you know that as a publisher, we take pride in what we do and stand behind our work.  We want every school and student to be proud to be in one of our publications.

The contest deadlines are ending this week and now is the task of judging and notifying everyone for poetry and art before schools get out for summer.  Back to seeing the awesome work your students have created…

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We Take Pride in Our Work


CelebratingArt is one arm of the contests that our company sponsors.  We also host writing contests. The power of using a contest to create a spark in the classroom is universal.  Today we share a story from Jennifer Selder, Miss Arizona and 3rd runner-up to Miss America.  She relates the power of our contests to influence a life.

“Fifth grade was no dImageoubt my favorite year in elementary school. My teacher gave us an hour every single day to work on our very own writing projects. During this time, I was able to grow tremendously in my foundation as a writer, and I attribute my love of poetry to that very class. I sent many hours learning the basics: the terms, the forms, the styles. Because of this, I was able to branch out later in life in use those skills to take my writing to a new level. You see, once you learn the basis of how to write creatively, it is so much easier to write in all other forms because you can allow them to take your own voice into account. I had a poem published by Creative Communication that year in 5th grade, and I will never forget how special and inspired it made me feel. I have since gone on to win numerous essay contests, many which earned me scholarship money for college, and I may have never believed in myself if it wasn’t for Creative Communication. And as Miss Arizona, I write pages and pages of creatively written updates for all of my followers. Now of course I still take time on my own to read, study, and write poetry. When you choose to be an active learner and writer, I think you will find, just as I did, that truly anything is possible.

With love,
Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona 2011, 3rd runner up to Miss America 2012″

The poem Jennifer entered in our contest, “Hawaiian Seas,” can be viewed below.

                                 Hawaiian Seas
Warm, turquoise, sea,
Rainbow fish, angelfish, carp, needlefish, even turtles
Glittery, colorful, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange
Hawaiian seas

A raging storm, ripping and clattering like a boiling pot of
Bubbling and churning water on a stove
Hawaiian seas

Still, motionless, a serene feeling everywhere, the world has stopped,
To gaze at this splendid view of the harmonious
Hawaiian seas

Rapidly pulling grains of course, powdery sand to
Its home beneath those waters that the sea urchins call home
Hawaiian seas

Gently buried deep within the glassy, cerulean
Hawaiian seas

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story with us.  Just as we helped shape your life with our contest, we know of the many lives you now touch as Miss AZ.  Rock on.

Contest That Changes Lives: Miss Arizona Speaks Out