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Featured Student Artist: Andie Zou


Only in first grade, Andie Zou attends Step by Step Homeschool in New Jersey.  Andie’s art, “The Love of Papa Seahorse“, was one of ten winning pieces selected for the Summer 2012 art contest.  This means that Andie had one of the best entries for her age division out of hundreds that were submitted for the summer contest.

Andie describes herself as a “happy homeschooler.”  She loves animals and discovering new things.  When asked what inspired her art, Andie replied, “I was inspired by papa sea horse because it is papa sea horse who gives birth to baby sea horses. So, I drew ‘The Love of Papa Sea Horse’ for my dad on the last Father’s Day.”

Andie’s plans for the future include drawing many animal pictures and trying to sell them to raise money to help endangered animals.

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