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Featured Student Artist: Cassie Wang


ImageCassie Wang was born in Providence, Rhode Island in October 2003. She moved to Princeton, New Jersey with her family in October 2005. Cassie loves art and has attended Sharron Art Center since September 2012. Her teacher, Danielle Oyales, inspires Cassie a lot. In May 2013, Cassie won the 1st place in the New Jersey Conservation Poster Contest. The theme was “Where Does Your Water Shed?” As the state 1st place winner, she was advanced to the national level. In October 2013, Cassie was named a Top Ten Winner in her grade division out of thousands of entries submitted in the summer contest hosted. Her art, “Happy Birds“, was finished in oil pastel. Currently, Cassie is working on watercolor.

ImageTo learn more about our national art contest, visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

Featured Student Artist: Isabella T.


ImageToday we are featuring 10-year-old Isabella T.  Isabella lives in Austin, Texas with her mom, dad, and dog, Star.  Isabella’s art piece “Ella” was a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2011 art contest.  Ella is a friend of Isabella’s that she was inspired to paint as part of a series of portraits that she is doing on different girls.  Isabella is working on a 10 portrait series and trying to capture the essence of each girl she paints.

Isabella has always been an artist at heart and loves creating; whether it be poetry, paintings, drawings, or fashion designs. Isabella tells us, “Art is a huge part of my life.  I have been painting since I was 3 years old and have not stopped.  I love to express myself creatively.  Art provides me with many life lessons — to be bold, to react, to color ‘events’ and know that even in the worst of times there is a different way to look at something.  I see art everywhere.”

Congratulations, Isabella, on being selected as a Top Ten Winner!  You are a very talented young artist and we hope you continue to enlighten the world with your beautiful talent.

To learn more about our national art contests, please visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

Contests Create Student Honors


ImageThis last week was a week of honors for two of my children.  Within three days we had the Utah State Regional History Fair (where they took 2nd in documentary and are going to the state competition); Utah Math Competition, where they were both selected in the top 10 students in their grade in math; and today my son is at Utah State University in the Honor Band preparing for a concert made of the top students from area schools.  Each of these events creates an experience and an accomplishment that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For your students, we are glad to be here to create honors for them.  As we are getting close to the art contest deadline I reflect back to the calls I received last semester from teachers telling me of the energy that is created when the students receive our postcards saying that students are accepted to be published.  One teacher related that there is “a buzz in the halls” and “an excitement that can’t be replicated by classroom teaching.”  We are glad that we can be here to partner with our teachers.

As the deadline gets closer, remember to send in your students’ work by April 3rd.  Good luck and I hope we can create some memories and honors for your students.

Go to www.CelebratingArt.com for more information about our national art contests.

What are we communicating with our art?


After leaving my Interpersonal Communication class last night, I thought of the application of communication theory and the entries we receive in our art and poetry contests. One concept is that every message has a content and relationship dimension.    When we hear a message, what the words mean is the content.  What the person means and the subtext behind the words is the relationship.  Let me give you an example with the following dialogue.

Wife:               “You watch too much TV.”

Husband:         “I do not.”

Wife:               “C’mon honey….you do too.”

Husband:         “All right then, I won’t watch any TV for a whole week, dang it.”

Wife:               “Oh, just forget it.  Do what you want.”

Husband:         “Forget it!  How can I forget it?  You come in here and make a big deal out of my TV habits.  Then to satisfy you, I agree to cut it out completely and you say forget it.  What’s   wrong with you anyway?”


Now when the relationship is in trouble, the husband will wonder why they are unhappy as the only thing they fought about was the TV.  However, beyond the words, at the relationship level, the real message has nothing to do with the TV, but a wife who is wanting to have some attention paid to her.

So often we receive wonderful pieces of art or poetry and the content is wonderful.  However, the piece is not appropriate (from our standards) for our readers and viewers.  We are very protective of our students.  When we receive a piece of art from an obviously talented artist, but the image is of a violent or sexual nature, even though the content is good, the relationship between the artists and our student readers is such that the poem or art would be rejected. That is always a tough decision, and often we will contact the student to let them know that they have talent, but our contests are not the correct venue for them.

Maybe my connection of communication theory to our contests is a bit of a stretch.  If so, then, oh well.  However, in either case, I hope I gave you something to think about with either your relationships and why a simple argument blew up into something larger, or for our contests and why a great piece of art or poetry was not accepted to be published.

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