Featured Student Artist: Meghana Basi


Celebrating Art!Meghana is a Top Ten Winner in our fall 2017 national art contest for her artwork “Motherhood“.

I’m Meghana Basi, an aspiring 14-yr old young artist, from the Walnut Hill School For The Arts in Natick MA. I believe if you do something you truly love from within, then it is the greatest thing you could ever accomplish. I’m doing exactly what ‘m supposed to do, for more than a decade, putting my heart and soul into my ARTS.

If someone asks me, what inspires me to create my arts, always my answer would be, it is ME, that inspires me! My art is incorporated and buried within me, enforcing my unique individuality. ‘Motherhood’ was one of my gift to all the mothers and kids of the YWCA Fina House. I’ve attempted to inspire and motivate those mothers through my painting. A child asked me a very delicate question, which lingers in my mind quite often. How do you get hope in life? “Always believe in yourself even when others don’t”, was my answer! I wish my painting “Motherhood”gives lot of hope and inspiration to each and every child and mother out there.

My goal is to inspire and touch this world through my paintings! I wish to give a lot of joy and contentment to the souls of my supporters and viewers through my surrealistic creations. I’m over the moon, to get picked again as a top ten winner! Thank you so much, Celebrating Art and Blick Art for your support! Thank you for inspiring me to spread love (art is my love) again! Please visit my portfolio to know more about me http://meghan-basi-vums.format.com/.



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