Featured Student Artist: Lipi Patel


Lipi PatelLipi is a Top Ten Winner in our fall 2017 national art contest for her artwork “Sunset“.

My name is Lipi Patel. I was born in Australia and moved to America at age of 4. I’m in 6th grade and I attend John Adams Middle School. I have great interest in the universe. Along with art, I play tennis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 6 years old. I started with art lessons when I was 7. I attend Studio 105 currently for art. I think of art as a relaxing and entertaining activity. I think art is here for us to find our “happy place.” Most of my art work is based off of scenery. I got inspiration for my art work, “Sunset” from my love of scenery. My current goal is to make a beautiful art masterpiece that I can sell to someone. I also want to get into Varsity tennis in high school. My biggest goal is to get a job at NASA to become an astronomer. All my life, I’ve always wanted a job at NASA. I want to continue with art because when I do art, that is where I find peace and relaxed from the inside. This is an opportunity that I don’t want to lose. I want to thank my art teacher, Sangeeta Bhagat. I was really happy when I saw that I was in the Top Ten.



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