Featured Student Artist: Emily Ruggieri


IMG_20171022_1137376Emily is a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2017 national art contest for her artwork “On the Right Track.”

Inspiration: These old decrepit tracks are one of my favourite places for an afternoon walk. Many of the boards are broken, some nearly falling apart, and have plants growing in the cracks. The spikes are rusted, bent and show what years of exposure to the elements can do. It is nature taking itself back.  Perhaps they are plain looking to some. However, in the fall the maples that line the sides completely transform the railway. They burst into a brilliant assortment of colours, rich reds, golden yellows and bright oranges that are not fully represented in the picture, as fall was just beginning. I hoped to show train tracks as this, as a place of colour, beauty and history, as opposed to lifeless grey veins branching through the land.art-num-1503662479465332913

Goals: In the future, I hope to continue to create and evolve my skills. I hope to pursue a career that allows me to use these skills as often as possible.

Information: I am a 13 year old who enjoys art in any form but specifically pottery and painting. My other passions lie in music, particularly piano and guitar. I also practice photography. These tracks are one of my most frequent subjects.

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