Featured Art Teacher: Kate Stewart – Holt School of Fine Art


Kate Stewart 1I’ve been an art educator for six years, and the most important lesson I have had to learn is that every child is unique in how they see, hear, interpret, understand, and create. My students range in age from 7-18 and their interests and abilities are as variable as their ages. All students work at a pace that suits them best, so I do not teach to a group, but rather to an individual. I attribute my success, and the success of my students, to my ability in the classroom to adapt to and be flexible for each of them individually.

As an artist myself, I must regularly practice my craft in order to make creative and technical connections in my own work and in the classroom. I take classes and experiment with new artistic processes in order to continue educating myself. I share my new learning experiences with my students to encourage them to try new things and to always be willing to learn new concepts. I have found through my personal practice and

Kate Stewart - The Accomplices - 18x18, oil on canvas, 2017

Kate Stewart – The Accomplices…

education that problem solving in my own creative process helps me problem solve when it comes to my students’ work; and likewise, when they find a problem solution in their creations, it provides me insight for issues I may be experiencing in my own art.

The constant shift between my own painting and my time in the classroom has made me stronger both as an artist and a teacher, and I consider myself to be extraordinarily fortunate to be both a practicing artist and an art educator – two activities I love and hope to continue doing for a very long time.

Kate Stewart collaborative mural project

One of the many murals my students have done for the community. The theme of this one is Celebrating Diversity and was donated to a local nonprofit called Project 658. We have also done murals for Levine Children’s Hospital, Charlotte Lab School, and the Dilworth Artisan Station

Kate Stewart DAS mural Life in Transit

A mural which is a collaboration between my teen students and I which spans the 20 empty windows on the façade of the Dilworth Artisan Station. My students and I competed against professional artists for the winning design and our work will be featured on the building for 1 year

Kate Stewart Figure Drawing workshop with live model

Showing one of the many opportunities I offer to my students who are interested in figure drawing. Several times a year we bring in a live model for them to learn from

Kate Stewart Self portrait 12 year old

One of my students at work during a portrait workshop.

Kate Stewart still life with 12 yr student

Showing how many of my students learn new techniques in the classroom by drawing from life.



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