Featured Student Artist: Sheridan Lalicker


SheridanLalickerSheridan is a top ten winner from our summer 2017 national art contest for artwork “Remedy Memory“.

Hi, my name is Sheridan Lalicker and I’m an artist from Southern California. I am a student at Orange County School of the Arts in the Visual Arts Conservatory. One of my classes last year was Beginner’s Computer Graphics and our final project was a hyper-realistic digital painting. I had no idea what I wanted to paint, but I definitely wanted to challenge myself. I decide to paint something I really enjoy – hair! I was looking everywhere for images to use for the project and ended up referring to an image by a model who goes by the name “hiolivejuicee.” Not only did the image have super messy hair, but it used art-num-151016189complementary colors. It was perfect! In the future, I’d like to continue improving my art skills and exploring my style. But most importantly, I want to create art that inspires others, and myself as well. If you’d like to check out more of my art, my instagram is @pinkrubyrose

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