Featured Student Artist: Michelle Fang


Michelle Fang art PictureMy piece is called “Warming Hands” and it was published in the 2016 Summer Issue.

I am a junior attending Flower Mound High School. Art has played an integral part of my life; I’ve completed AP Art my sophomore year and now I paint murals for local elementary schools and compete in regional and state art competitions.

At my school, I am the Vice President of National Art Honor Society, where I conduct outreach projects to retirement homes and portrait painting projects to orphanages in Ghana and Brazil. Not only has art helped me connect with my community, art has also allowed me to pursue my passion for creativity and express my experiences in a very unique way that transcends culture and age.

My particular interests lie painting oil, watercolor, and charcoal techniques. I work on my portfolio at Steve Ko’s Private Art studio every week. Throughout my high school years, I became curious about capturing fleeting memories and moments of art-num-367385376happiness so in my self portrait, Warming Hands, my purpose was to illustrate the warming our hands in the winter was short but sweet. My style of painting is not exaggerative, instead I aim to communicate emotions to my audience through subtle details in the eye, color choice, and brush stroke methods.

In the future, I hope to attend the Rhode Island School of Design and major in design. I will be updating my portfolio on https://michellefang533.wixsite.com/michellefangart .

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