Featured Student Artist: Aizhong (Kelly) He


Aizhong He artMy name is Aizhong (Kelly) He, one of the Top Ten Winners from Summer 2016 and Spring 2017 grade 4-6 division. I am now a sixth grader attending Roberto Clemente Middle School.

One day in fourth grade after school, I brought home some watercolor paintings I did with a teacher at school. My parents were amazed by the result in my paintings, and because of that, my parents payed more attention to art. They took me regularly to art classes, entered my paintings to competitions, and noticed that I might have some talent in art. At that time I was still young and had no experience in watercolor before. We took the watercolor paintings to a contest and each of my paintings got a recognition. I enjoyed going to my art classes and looked at art in a deeper way.Aizhong He 2 art.JPG

I had a total of 7 different art teachers and learned a lot from every one of them. Among them there are 2 teachers that I spent time the most. I am currently still learning from them. Surprisingly, these 2 teachers are almost the total opposite in style. My first teacher teaches me the most basic things about painting and how to use my time wisely. He says I tend to spend too much time on details and blending and that I don’t have enough contrast that the end result doesn’t look 3D. Taking this advice really shows a big difference in the results of my paintings now. My second teacher focuses on creativity and originality. This teacher participates in many art competitions and some of them require your art to be original. She thinks that this is very important and makes sure every one of her students achieve this. Creativity is something that this teacher thinks every artist should have and have their imagination go beyond the limits. But, both of these teachers share something in common: they are both nice, gentle, hard-working, and motivational to their students.

My piece “Spring Colors” that I won Top Ten Summer 2016 was my first still life painting. I have many things that I am not satisfied with, and a long way to go before almost everything looks good to me. I wanted to learn more about painting, so my teacher suggested me to start painting still life. I like challenges so I really wanted to paint still life. I want to improve on making my paintings look more 3D and create more contrast.

My piece “Summer Calla Lilies” that I won Top Ten Spring 2017 was my 2nd still life painting. What inspired me to paint “Calla Lillies” was my teacher. His paintings of still life seemed so real I could just touch it, but for me it is much harder to create that effect than painting photos. Then, I decided to explore close observation deeper so I can improve my future paintings.

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