Featured Student Artist: Katelynn Mock


Katelynn Mock PhotoKatelynn Mock lives in Bryan, Ohio.  Her art, “Spaced Out” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2015 national art contest. At the time of publication, she was in eleventh grade attending Bryan High School.

Last summer, Katelynn was working on building her portfolio and preparing to apply for college. She wants to major in Fine Arts. She’s always been interested in art in general. But it wasn’t until high school that she thought she could take on an art-based career. Mr. Neff, her art teacher, has helped bring out her strengths, build her skills, and build her confidence as an artist.

Katelynn Mock art workThe idea behind “Spaced Out” is getting lost in her artwork and how that shows through the artwork. In the piece, her drawing is essentially “coming to life”; she creates her own little universe. Her little universe revolves solely around her; she is the parent star to the celestial bodies surrounding her. She gives these celestial bodies life, and they give her purpose. Furthermore, her notable freckles fall into the universe as distant stars.

Katelynn definitely tends to get caught up in her artwork, no matter the piece. But the theme of this particular piece works so well, because she’s never felt so lost in any other piece. This was honestly so fun to create. Especially the freckles and stars.


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