Featured Student Artist: Raechel Wu


Raechel WuRaechel Wu lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her art, “Flowers of Fortitude” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2016 national art contest. At the time of publication, she was in fifth grade.

Raechel is the oldest of 3 children, she has a younger sister and brother.

She loved to draw since she was very young. She also loves reading, writing and Math. She also plays piano and tennis.

She was inspired to create her winning piece because she wondered what do flowers symbolize? She ended up with hope, courage and love. Fortitude and tenacity to never give up mean a lot to her! As she reflects upon herself and observes how hard her parents worked to raise them. She wants her painting to symbolize “Fortitude” to remind her not to give up but to work harder during challenges and obstacles.Raechel Wu ART PIECE

She remembers when she took the ACT explore above grade level exam she had to prepare and do some extra work. This made her know the only way to be good at certain things is through hard work and determination. Later when she took the exam she was running fever and had to summon all of her strength & wisdom to complete the exam. She later got 99% on 3 subjects and was invited to a state wide award ceremony.

After she painted a still life of flowers, she started thinking about what she wanted to portray. Instead of a vase of fully yellow flowers, she added red (love), blue (courage) and purple (hope). But overall the flowers symbolize the life of fortitude, it reminds her life itself will be full of vibrant colors if you persevere !

In the future after she grows up she want be a writer and be able to illustrate her writing with her own paintings!

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