Featured Student Artist: Taryn Lee



Taryn Lee lives in Downey, California. Her art, “Dark Flower” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2015 national art contest. At the time of publication, she was in twelfth grade attending Los Alamitos High School.

Taryn’s piece is inspired by subtle expressions.  It is her goal to capture deeper meanings lying within seemingly neutral  faces.  She purposely juxtaposes subtle countenances with bold colors or designs in order to represent her main idea.  The expression portrayed is not easily perceived as a specific feeling since its mien is subtle, yet, one can feel that there is a deeper meaning within it. 

She plans on double majoring in fine arts and Japanese language at a four-year university. These fields of studies will help her gain a solid traditional art foundation and help her become more fluent in Japanese respectively.  As for the future, she wishes to become an illustrator or comic artist in Japan.  Her love for art began with her introduction to Japanese animation and comics; therefore, it has always been her dream to live in the country that began her artistic journey.Taryn Lee ART TOP TEN PIC

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