Featured Student Artist: Lauren Yang


Lauren Yang (3)Lauren Yang lives in Sugar Land, Texas. Her art, “Grandpa’s Lily” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2015 national art contest. At the time of publication, she was in ninth grade attending Dulles High School.

Lauren has been drawing from an early age and started taking art lessons at age 7. Ever since then, art has been a medium through which she can express things that are important to her or observations of the world. This piece, “Grandpa’s Lily,” was inspired by a combination of events in her life. The dog in the drawing resembles her cousins’ dog, Lily.

Lauren Yang artDogs are considered to be lifelong companions, and as Roger Caras stated, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” In memorial of her grandpa who passed away last year, she created this piece to represent a multitude of ideas. Although cancer took away his life too early, Lily portrays that his life was indeed whole, filled with the love of family and friends. In addition, this work symbolizes not a farewell but hope and best wishes for a new beginning and life for her grandpa, where her family will always be more than lifelong companions.

In the future, she hopes to continue to incorporate aspects of herself and her life into her artwork.

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