Featured Student Artist: Bria Shay Neff


image1Bria was a second grader attending Learning Garden Arts Academy in South Dakota when she was published as a national Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2015 art book. This means that out of thousands of art pieces submitted into the contest, hers was chosen as one of the ten best in her grade division.

Bria’s winning art is titled “Sir Handsome” and is a green peacock. The green peacock is endangered because of its beautiful feathers, habitat loss, and contaminated food source. We asked Bria to share some information about herself and what inspired her winning art.

“My name is Bria, I am nine years old and I want to save the animals. I read about all of the endangered animals and I couldn’t believe what is happening to these wonderful creatures. I want to paint all the endangered animals and donate the money to give them a face so they don’t disappear.

“I am painting these pictures of endangered animals because I want people to know that they are losing their habits and food.  It makes me feel super sad so I want to help by selling these paintings and donating the money to make sure none these wonderful animals ever go extinct.”

You can read an article on Bria and her efforts written by the International Fund for Animal Welfare by clicking here.

To learn more about our national art contests, visit http://www.celebratingart.comart-num-676062038as

Bria’s art conservation Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Facesoftheendangered/

Bria’s website: https://www.pigtailsart.com

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