Featured Student Artist: Cadley Jackson


_20140828_205046Last spring, Cadley Jackson was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our national art contest for her piece, Reflecting on My Childhood. This means that Cadley’s art was selected as one of the ten best in her grade division (10-12) out of thousands of submitted entries. Cadley was a senior attending Guntersville High School in Alabama when her art was selected for publication and picked as a winner.

“Since my mother is an artist I have grown up with art as a big part of my life. It’s what I love.” Cadley explained, “I love expressing myself through my pieces. My favorite medium is colored pencil but I have used a lot more than that in the past. I was in advanced art for four years in high school as well as art club president and Miss Art Club. My art teacher, Val Jones, taught me a lot and is my favorite teacher. The piece I submitted to Celebrating Art actually won the best of show award recently at our congressional district art show and is hanging in the United States Capitol right now and will be there for a year. The piece is called Reflecting on My Childhood because all the objects you see have sentimental value to myself and are things I’ve collected over the years. It is done completely in colored pencil and took me several months.”

In the future, Cadley wants to be a professional fine artist/illustrator after she graduates from college. She is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Art at The University of Montevallo.art-number-773211663

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