Featured Student Artist: Colin Abbott


Colin 001Colin was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2014 national art contest for his piece, “My House at Night.” At the time of publication, Colin was a second grader attending Hopewell Elementary School in Iowa.

Colin participated in an art contest sponsored by VSA or Very Special Arts.  This is an opportunity that was initiated through the Kennedy family for children and people with special needs.  Colin was born with a visual impairment.  He has also been diagnosed with autism.  Colin is a very unique student in that he is very sensitive to smells and textures.  Through his art lessons, he explores textures.  He created all of his artwork based on texture.  The colors he chooses are communicated to him based on a emotion that they represent.  For example, red is exciting.  Green is calm.  Colin created the artwork for the “I Am” contest and was selected to have his artwork displayed at the Department of Education.  The artwork chosen for Celebrating Art was the second piece he created in the texture series.  Colin works very slowly and takes a great deal of time to complete these projects.

art-num-14169624281611177To learn more about our national art contests, visit www.celebratingart.com.

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