Featured Student Artist: Mechelle Chen


IMG_0064Mechelle was an eighth grader at Five Forks Middle School in Georgia when her art, “Calm Lake“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2014 national art contest. Mechelle studies art at First Fine Art & Design Academy.

In her spare time, Mechelle plays the piano, the violin, and loves playing softball. She also enjoys reading any kind of book as long as it’s not non-fiction.

“I’ve always loved ponds and lakes and any sources of water.” Mechelle explains what inspired her winning art, “To me, I feel water is magical. I really love to use acrylic but I love drawing with color pencils more.”

In the future, Mechelle wants to become a doctor. art-num-1339679909pas

To learn more about our national student art contests, visit www.celebratingart.com

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