Featured Student Artist: Jessica Zou


JessicaZou_1Jessica Zou just completed her sophomore year attending Westview High School in San Diego, California. “Splashing Beauty” was a piece that she created freshman year in her high school art class. This piece was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2014 national art contest. “For as long as I can remember, I have always felt inexplicably drawn to anything hands-on or art related.” Jessica explains, “I found art fascinating. I could express complete ideas and thoughts without any words or sounds.”

Jessica goes on to explain what helped inspire her art. “A portion of my inspiration for this piece, ‘Splashing Beauty‘, came from the wonderful Laurie Rubin. Ms. Rubin’s amazing animal photography inspired me and motivated me to try and express the liveliness and energy that animals contain. The other portion of my inspiration came from my daily life. I believe that life should contain a balance of opposite things that work together like yin and yang. Whether it be art and science or in this case calmness (control) and motion (change) I found that my life needs a mixture of both. Thus, I also wanted to try and convey a calm and serene feeling working in harmony with the splashing motion. This specific concept and piece was very challenging as it tested my overall ability to control the feeling of the piece as well as my senses of motion, color, and detail; but in the end finishing the piece was all the more rewarding.”

In the future, Jessica is not sure if she will major in art, but art has always been her passion. This passion has stayed with her through elementary, middle, and now high school, and she has a hunch that it will continue to stay with her throughout her entire life.


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