Featured Student Artist: Gina Marie Gruss


art-num-194764541asGina was 14 years old attending North Broward Preparatory School when her art was chosen as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national art contest. “It Began with a Burst” is the title of her winning piece. Art, swimming, student government, writing, and playing piano are some of Gina’s hobbies in her busy life.

“It Began with a Burst” was inspired by a friend’s question: “Can you draw me a parrot?”

ROA-130815-2FMLBlue-23233489“Being the Good Samaritan I was, I agreed.” Gina explains, “He showed me a picture of a parrot, and I used that as a basis for my picture. I had used a duo of sharpies and highlighters that were withering in my art closet, unloved and unused, and as time went on, I had started to develop a certain style with them. My own and unique style, in fact, had carried onto other pieces I’ve created – one of which is going into a restaurant in the Keys. It turned out that my friend’s request had turned into a giant, wonderful, and really colorful masterpiece, and I was more than proud of it. I still consider ‘It Began with a Burst’ one of my greatest accomplishments, but of course, I’m bringing out many other vibrant pieces.”

Gina’s goals for the future are to continue to bring out more of her colorful animals and to eventually create an entire gallery devoted to them – she hopes to share more of her art with the world. Another goal of hers is to help inspire other people, just as they do to her. “This is the part where I add a part to thank my amazing art teachers – they help inspire and make me better every day. Thank you, and you can find more of my work on my Instagram, @Ginamgruss_art!”

To learn more about our national art contest, visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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