Featured Student Artist: Alex Zhong


Alex Zhong Alex Zhong is a third grade student attending Camp Creek Elementary School in Georgia.  Once a week, Alex takes art lessons at Shijun Art Studio.  His art, “Magical Moment,” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Fall 2012 art contest.

“My inspiration for ‘Magical Moment’ came from a mixture of a movies and stories about mice stealing things and games. Since I love animals such as hamsters, mice, and dogs, I created a mouse using a unique way to get his food.” Alex explained, “My art teacher, Mrs. Shijun, has taught me a lot about art and drawing.”art-num-295887310


Alex’s favorite activities are soccer, chess, drawing, and reading.  He plays piano every day and, of course, he is gifted at art.  At age 5 he started in a drawing class, and at age 7 he won his first art contest.  In the future, Alex would like to be a vet, a video game designer, or an artist.

To learn more about our national art contests, visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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