Featured Student Artist: Allison Chin


Allison Chin is a junior at James Martin High School in Texas.  This summer, Allison’s art, “And So the City Awakes”, was selected as one of the ten best submitted in her age division.  You can view her art and other Top Ten Winners here.

We asked Allison to tell CelebratingArt more about herself and what inspired her winning piece of art.

I would say drawing, as a child, was an inherent activity I did without putting much thought into it. I really found my direction and could determine a goal after being exposed to movies such as “Spirited Away” or “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Studio Ghibli. When watching, I felt like I was truly in their fantasy world. The art and animation isn’t photo-realistic and the story is a complete fantasy, yet the feel of realism is still so strong. These movies along with “The Lord of the Rings” triology became pillars of inspiration on which I could work from, among many other things. The more I watched and studied such movies, the more I fell in love with background and environment art. I love the potential background art has to manipulate the mood and even suggest a side story through small details and intricacies.

Thus, my art has taken the direction of being story-driven. I try my best to suggest an underlying story to the viewer through the power of details, items, lighting, style, etc. For example, the piece that was chosen for Celebrating Art’s summer competition of 2012, entitled “And So the City Awakes”, was painted with the intent of it resembling an environment one could see in a movie scene or perhaps in the pages of a book. Heavily inspired by old-english architecture, I gathered elements such as decorative half-timbering, steep-pitched roofs, and arched windows, all things found in the real world, but then manipulated in the best way to represent the fabricated world I envisioned.

I am extremely passionate about illustrating and conceptualizing stories. It has the potential to be so rich and offers endless possibilities. Ultimately, the goal which I have been working toward is to become a concept/background artist for games, animations, movies or books.

You can find more of Allison’s work at her website: http://allisonchin.daportfolio.com.  To learn more about our national art contests, please visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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