ImageImageVivek Bharati is currently in 3rd grade and attends Faria A+ Elementary School in California.  His art, “Dolphin Undersea”, was selected as one of the ten best pieces of art submitted in his age category throughout the United States and Canada.  Vivek’s art teacher, Mr. Aramando (Young At Art art studio), has taught Vivek much about painting techniques and has helped him to excel in the arts.

Vivek’s painting was inspired by his love for animals.  “I like to create paintings with only one animal and with dark and bright colors. I like dolphins in particular because of their unique way of finding food by echolocation.”

Vivek wants to attend Stanford and be a Navy pilot when he grows up.  He also plans to continue painting and make squadron logos for airplanes.

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Featured Student Artist: Vivek Bharati

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