Featured Student Artist: Jennifer Li


ImageJennifer has loved drawing since she was very little.  Now twelve years old, Jennifer’s passion for drawing has become a beautiful talent that has helped her to be recognized as one of the ten best artists in North America that entered the Spring 2012 art contest in her age division.  You can view her winning piece, “Red Panda in the Woods”, here.

ImageJennifer was born in China and grew up in many different places; including China, Singapore, California, and Texas.  She attends Heather’s Art Studio in Texas and has a little sister named Jessica.  Last Thanksgiving, Jennifer went to the Houston Zoo to study animals. What caught her eyes were the red pandas that originally lived in Asia, lying on the trees with their eyes closed behind the glass pane. Jennifer remembered this scene because she loved the beautiful color of the red panda, the dark background, the cool fresh air, and how it just fit perfectly on a piece of artwork. As she returned home shortly afterwards, she started drafting it.  Her beautiful artwork took a long time to finish and is one of her best pieces.

Jennifer would like to thank her numerous art teachers over the years for teaching her. They all helped her improve her art skills, and she would like to thank her parents, too, for encouraging her to keep learning and improving.

To learn more about our national art contests, please visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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