ImageAshley Lulo is a senior at Lake Travis High School in Texas.  Her art, “Tiger“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for our Spring 2012 national art contest.  This means that Ashley’s art was selected as one of the ten best out of thousands of entries submitted for her age division in the United States and Canada.

Image“Tiger” was inspired from Ashley’s love for animals, especially big cats.  “They are so majestic and beautiful. Their elegance and ferocity are very captivating me. The reason I chose this specific scene to depict is because of the expression on the tiger. She had such an intense expression and yet she was elegant and graceful and the water gave such a contrast to her.”

Ashely’s plans for the future include studying graphic design at Memphis College of Art and obtaining a Masters in teaching. She wants to teach art to either high school or middle school students. 

To learn more about our national art contests, please visit

Featured Student Artist: Ashley Lulo

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