Featured Student Artist: Jing Wen


ImageJing Wen is a 6th grade student living in British Columbia, Canada with her famliy.  Her parents were born in Taiwan, so her background is Taiwanese. Her art, “Morning Tulips”, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for the Spring 2012 art contest.  This means that her art was one of the ten best pieces submitted for her age division in the United States and Canada.  You can view her piece here.

ImageJing Wen’s hobbies include reading adventure books, sewing stuffed animals, and drawing.  “I was inspired to create this piece when my grandpa picked these tulips from his garden,” Jing Wen explains. “He wanted to keep these beautiful tulips forever, but that is not possible. So I drew it for my grandpa. That’s why I named it ‘Morning Tulips.'”

To learn more about our national art contests, please visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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