ImageIt is a publisher’s nightmare.  For our our Fall 2011 Art books, we started getting calls that the pages were falling out.  In investigating, we found that it was a simple setting on the binding machine.  However, the result is we now have books that will not last.  We take pride in our work and so does our printer.   We want to create books and customers that will be with us for generations to come.

We are now re-printing all of the Fall 2011 Art books and will reship a new book in about three weeks.  I am proud that we have a printer that stands behind his work, and I want to let you know that as a publisher, we take pride in what we do and stand behind our work.  We want every school and student to be proud to be in one of our publications.

The contest deadlines are ending this week and now is the task of judging and notifying everyone for poetry and art before schools get out for summer.  Back to seeing the awesome work your students have created…

For more information about our national art contest, please visit

We Take Pride in Our Work

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