Featured Student Artist: Isabella T.


ImageToday we are featuring 10-year-old Isabella T.  Isabella lives in Austin, Texas with her mom, dad, and dog, Star.  Isabella’s art piece “Ella” was a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2011 art contest.  Ella is a friend of Isabella’s that she was inspired to paint as part of a series of portraits that she is doing on different girls.  Isabella is working on a 10 portrait series and trying to capture the essence of each girl she paints.

Isabella has always been an artist at heart and loves creating; whether it be poetry, paintings, drawings, or fashion designs. Isabella tells us, “Art is a huge part of my life.  I have been painting since I was 3 years old and have not stopped.  I love to express myself creatively.  Art provides me with many life lessons — to be bold, to react, to color ‘events’ and know that even in the worst of times there is a different way to look at something.  I see art everywhere.”

Congratulations, Isabella, on being selected as a Top Ten Winner!  You are a very talented young artist and we hope you continue to enlighten the world with your beautiful talent.

To learn more about our national art contests, please visit www.CelebratingArt.com.

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