Contests Create Student Honors


ImageThis last week was a week of honors for two of my children.  Within three days we had the Utah State Regional History Fair (where they took 2nd in documentary and are going to the state competition); Utah Math Competition, where they were both selected in the top 10 students in their grade in math; and today my son is at Utah State University in the Honor Band preparing for a concert made of the top students from area schools.  Each of these events creates an experience and an accomplishment that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

For your students, we are glad to be here to create honors for them.  As we are getting close to the art contest deadline I reflect back to the calls I received last semester from teachers telling me of the energy that is created when the students receive our postcards saying that students are accepted to be published.  One teacher related that there is “a buzz in the halls” and “an excitement that can’t be replicated by classroom teaching.”  We are glad that we can be here to partner with our teachers.

As the deadline gets closer, remember to send in your students’ work by April 3rd.  Good luck and I hope we can create some memories and honors for your students.

Go to for more information about our national art contests.

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