Featured Student Artist: Maxine H.


ImageEight-year-old Maxine H. is today’s featured student artist.  Maxine was a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2011 art contest.  Her drawing entitled “Afternoon Tea” was inspired from having afternoon tea with her mom with all of the fancy looking food, plates, and teacups.

CelebratingArt asked Maxine to tell a little about herself and her hobbies.

“My favorite pastime is drawing, reading, and playing with my little brother.  I wish I could do more drawing, but my mom said I have to do my school homework first.  This is my first time to win a major art contest.  I have been a finalist a few times, so I’m really excited to be a winner finally.”

Congratulations on being selected as a Top Ten Winner, Maxine!  Keep up the great work and we hope to see more of your work in future contests!

To view other Top Ten Winners for our Fall 2011 contest, click here.

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