Featured Student Artist: Dimitri P.


ImageDimitri P., today’s featured student artist, was born in Paris, France on November 3, 1994.  He lived in Paris for four years before moving to the United States.  He is now a junior at Starrs Mill High School in Georgia.  Dimitri’s father is originally from Paris, and his mother is from Quito, Ecuador.  This exposed him to different cultures early on and throughout his life.  Dimitri has two siblings: a twin brother and a younger brother (who was born in the states).

Dimitri’s family moved to America because his father had to go to Georgia Tech to complete his Master’s degree.  Originally they planned on staying in America for just one year, but plans changed.  It has now been 11 years since the time when Dimitri’s family first came to the United States.

When asked about his journey as an artist, Dimitri responded:

“I have always loved drawing ever since I was little. But it didn’t really begin to take shape until I was in middle school. I learned perspective and shading and began to paint my first landscape paintings. Nature has always inspired me in my work. I used to do studies of trees and mountains in my sketchbook at around the age of 11. The more I drew, the more I began to notice how different factors such as light, color and texture can define an object`s position. The painting I submitted to CelebratingArt was a collection of some of my sketch book pencil landscapes. The only problem that I saw with my landscapes is the lack of life. Most of my sketches are exclusively mountains and trees (only geographic features and flora), they lacked animal life, that is why I added cattle in the foreground.”

Dimiti’s art piece, “Grazing Cattle” was selected as a Top Ten Winner for CelebratingArt‘s Fall 2011 art contest.  His art was chosen out of several thousand entries. Thank you Dimitri for sharing your incredible talent.  We are excited to see where your work takes you in the future.  

If you would like to view more of Dimitri’s work, visit his website at http://dimitriartworks.shutterfly.com/.

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