Featured Student Artist: Youna Jang


Today’s featured student artist is the incredibly talented Youna Jang.  Youna is a senior in high school and was a Top Ten Winner for the Fall 2011 Spring Art Contest.  She plans to go to a good art college that will lead her to be a graphic designer that gives positive messages to the world.  Youna explained to us what inspired her beautiful art piece, “My Grandmother.”

Image“Though I have always held a passion for art, I did not always feel as confident about taking it in as my future and career as I do now. Despite worries about the potential costs and risks, I could not give up on the idea because I was so sure that art was the only thing that could ever be mine and make my heart beat as it had. I felt a strong desire to create. My mind could not stop wandering and exploring idea after idea and my eyes could not stop searching for awe-inspiring works to learn from.

Thus, during my high school years, I decided to prove to myself that I was qualified to make art my career and extinguish any lasting doubts by participating in as many art competitions as I could. One of them was ‘Celebrating Art’. My art work, ‘My Grandmother’ was for my grandmother who gave me much love and supported me to be an artist while I was growing. She was big part of my life. In the art piece, I wrote about her love that she gave to her grandchildren. With her support, I could keep my dreams and hopImagees.”

One can see in Youna’s art the emotion she was able to show the world through her creation.  Youna went on to tell CelebratingArt her hopes and dreams for the future.

“I would like to be a designer. In particular, the graphic designer Jeseok Yi inspires me to pursue graphic design and Public Service Announcement work in particular. A good example of Yi’s work is a piece called, ‘For some, it’s Mt. Everest.’ Against the steps of the subway stairwell, an illustration of Mt. Everest is superimposed. At the bottom, it says, ‘For some, it’s Mt. Everest.’ Yi got this idea when passing by an old woman who was having a difficult time going up the stairs of a subway station. This work shows the way an artist can identify a problem and create a work that presents that problem to the greater public. By creating my own projects like this public service announcement, I want my art to shake the hearts of others as well as convey informative messages.

Even though my parents don’t have ability to support me financially, I’m not going to give up because I have clear dreams and goals for my future. With my talent and passion for art, I want to give people positive messages so that this world could be a better place.”

Thank you, Youna!  What an inspiration you are to others trying to achieve their dreams.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, we know you will go on to do great things with your incredible talent.

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